Welcome to Downtown Speakeasy!

To get started, here is what you need to do and be aware of these links:

  1. Book an orientation meeting: Schedule a 30 min Zoom meeting to go over the DTSE website, Toastmaster International Website, and the DTSE schedule. VERY IMPORTANT TO MEET WITH ERIC SO YOU UNDERSTAND THE PLATFORMS AND HOW ROLES/MEETINGS WORK.

  2. New Member Welcome Section: Please read this section below for information on the sign-up process, the educational program, club resources, and an overview of some of the meeting roles. It also contains links to speech and leadership documents.

  3. Toastmasters International Website: Once we add you to the Toastmasters International website, you will receive an order confirmation email. Then you can create an account, select your educational path aka Pathways, and start working on your ice breaker speech.

    1. Watch these videos to understand Pathways.

  4. DTSE Schedule Google Sheet: This is where you will be signing up for speeches and roles. You can start signing up for roles and icebreaker speech as soon as you want.

  5. Meeting Roles: Review brief description below and then read the role description when you are officially assigned a role.

  6. DTSE Slack: We use Slack for members to communicate with each other and update meeting attendance. Email will still be used by officers and the Toastmasters for weekly announcements. Please join here.

  7. Google Groups: Your email will be added to the Members DTSE Google Group. We use this email (members-downtown-speakeasy@googlegroups.com) to send emails to club members. Please create an email filter to prevent DTSE emails from going into your Spam folder. Here are the steps to create an email filter in Gmail. You can have mutiple email addresses added if needed.

  8. Google Folder: Your email will be added to the DTSE Members GFolder. We store relevant documents here such as Member Information Gsheet. If you don't have a Google account, please create one for easy access.

  9. Google Calendar: Your email will be added to the weekly meeting GCal event.

  10. Officer Roles: Please review the officer roles so you can start to think about how you can help support the club in the future

Please contact officers-downtown-speakeasy@googlegroups.com, if you have issues creating an account for the DTSE website or Toastmasters International, and questions about roles, speeches and Pathways education.

New Member Welcome Section

General Information

Meetings follow a standard agenda featuring a meeting theme, two speeches, two evaluations, Table Topics (impromptu speaking), and numerous complementary roles with opportunities to speak. Once a month we also do a Table Topics meeting where everyone comes prepared with table topic questions. Joining our club offers you many benefits in addition to learning to speak comfortably in front of a group, although that is the primary objective. We also have the opportunity to learn how to work as a team, manage logistics, fill roles, develop leadership techniques and mentor our peers.

Try to participate in each meeting by performing a role. This is the best way to become acquainted with other members and to launch your new speaker training.


Member Email: members-downtown-speakeasy@googlegroups.com

Officers Email: officers-downtown-speakeasy@googlegroups.com

Educational Program

Pathways - Toastmasters International recently updated the Education Program with a curriculum called Pathways. The new member application fee goes toward the Pathways public speaking and leadership development Path - you will receive notification from Toastmasters International when your membership is processed and you can access the online assessment to begin your Path.

The Vice President of Education for the club is responsible for guiding you toward meeting your goals as a Toastmaster.

New Member Mentoring (on hold until we get more members)

We try to provide a mentor for new members to assist in their transition into the club and to focus on successfully completing the first several speeches. It’s optional, but it can be very beneficial. Your mentor will meet with you to chat about why you've joined the club and help you find the best path toward achieving your goals. Expect occasional meetings, set by mutual agreement, to review questions and progress. Contact any officer if you would like a mentor. You can either choose someone you already know and feel comfortable with, or we can ask one of our members to mentor you.

Club Resources

Club business outside of our normal meetings is conducted online and via email.

Club Website

Use the club website - www.downtownspeakeasy.org to reference links and resources

Signing Up for Roles and Speeches

The VPE assigns roles and speeches. The goal is to have every do each role the same amount of times over a 6 month period. If can't make a week, please add your name to the "Abest" row for that date and the VPE will not assign a role for you. Please Google Chat the VPE or email officers-downtown-speakeasy@googlegroups.com with any requests or questions.

Toastmasters International Website

Visit www.toastmastersinternational.org to tap into the world of public speaking and see just what Toastmasters is truly about. Find inspirational stories about your fellow Toastmasters from across the globe. You'll also find their online store where you can purchase all things Toastmasters including manuals, clothing, meeting supplies, etc. View upcoming events and district newsletters. Find resources to everything you need to help you succeed.

Social Media

Here are links to our club's social media channels:

  • Facebook - Our Facebook page where we post meeting summaries, member achievements, and social events. Be sure to "friend" our club.

  • Meetup - Our Meetup group with information about our meeting times and locations.

  • LinkedIn - Professional referrals for our members.

Meeting Roles

Here is a description of the roles which you should review when you are assigned a role. Below is a summary of the meeting roles and their functions:

  • Toastmaster – Facilitates the meeting from the lectern and selects the theme for the meeting.

  • Table Topics Master – Creates questions to generate brief, impromptu speaking opportunities.

  • Speaker – Prepares and presents a 5-7 minute speech on the topic of his or her choice.

  • Speech Evaluator – Pays close attention to content, flow, and areas for improvement. Identifies positives and suggestions with a brief speech toward the end of the meeting.

  • Meeting Evaluator – Evaluates the overall flow and smoothness of the entire meeting, offering praise and suggestions for improvement for the Toastmaster and the Speech Evaluators.

  • Timer – Assists the speakers with staying on time and tallies votes.

  • Grammarian – Provides a word of the day and tracks both appropriate and inappropriate uses of the English language.

  • Joke/Inspiration – Starts the meeting off with a nice little tidbit, often in tune with the meeting's theme.

  • Aah Counter – Identifies (with a click) and tracks crutch/filler words (um, you know, so, like, uh), then reports our crutch count at the end of the meeting. Clicking benefits the speakers by making them immediately aware of their use of filler words in an effort to reduce them.

Email Filter Guide